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Fluffy puppy by ScavyX Fluffy puppy :iconscavyx:ScavyX 4 2 The Night Prowler by ScavyX The Night Prowler :iconscavyx:ScavyX 5 12
Oli pt.2
He had seen her before. She was usually a little twitchy, and she had short hair. It looked as sporadic as she seemed, as if she she cut it with a blind fold on and her hands tied behind her together. She had teal eyes, and a slightly round face. She always seemed to bear a near psychotic grin, as if being tied up in a straight jacket was the most amusing joke in the world. To him it seemed like she was having fun, all the time. He was envious. She seemed to know how to make this drab "hospital" colorful and energetic. Now, he thought, is a good time to meet this eccentric woman. So, he managed to sneak in when the nurses brought in her food.
"How do you do it?" he asked.
"Hmm?" She didn't even look up from her plate.
"You know, make this place interesting."
"What are you speaking of, bunny man?" she asked as she looked up from her food.
"Bunny man?" He felt the top of his head to ascertain whether or not he had actually turned into a rabbit-man hybrid in the last few seconds.
"How you
:iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 8
Scavy ref sheet by ScavyX Scavy ref sheet :iconscavyx:ScavyX 0 2 Scavy WIP by ScavyX Scavy WIP :iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 0
Will pt. 3
Of corse he had to crash into an alleyway, and not just the alleyway, he crashed right into the garbage bins, flying right over two people. This one'll be interesting to explain.
As the boy rose out of the garbage, Will and Vic stared in awe, watching this… Creature rise from the pile, much like the dead from their graves. It was draped in black, with… Wings? It's eyes glinted in the light.
"What the hell is that?" Will had never been so interested in something so terrifying.
"Well, you see, it's not exactly a 'what'. I'd say it's more of a 'who'. And I will be willing to answer al your questions once I get all this crap off of me. So, if I could get your assistance, I would be very grateful." said the beast. It sounded… Like a normal person. He glanced over and could tell that this thing had also captured Vic's interest. Will nodded in the creature's direction, implying they should both go over and help whoever this was. Victor was one step ahead of him; already
:iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 17
Mature content
MEANWHILE :iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 17
Sand Village Neck Band by ScavyX Sand Village Neck Band :iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 59
Will pt.2
After our "meeting" the voice dropped me in some kind of city. It looked like a busy downtown area... only the sky had a permanent red tinge to it, though there seemed to not be a sun.
"Welcome to Purgatory... William. I hope you... enjoy your stay. See that skyscraper over there?" It asked.
"Yeah... What of it?" I responded, more use to the voice.
"I want you to meet me there... in, oh... Say three days from now? You know, to get accustomed to your new form. We will talk about your situation then. I leave you to peruse this city at your whim."
"Wait! How do I tell the time? There doesn't seem to be any form of day to night changes happening."
"I suggest you get a watch." The voice responded smugly. "See you in three days..."
Lost and lonely, I wondered the city. Well, at least I know I made the right decision, I thought bitterly. I eventually began to try and understand the events of the past few hours. My death, that odd meeting and now this... City. Then, as I was passing an alley w
:iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 2
Scav's story
It was warm out. The endless sun sat in the sky, not wavering for even a second. There was a cloud in the sky, and a nice breeze blowing from the west. It was the perfect time for a test flight.
Scav stood on the hill behind his workshop, his prototype strapped to his back. He repositioned his goggles firmly on his face. He knew he looked foolish in his coveralls and his mechanical wings, but he truly did not care. It had taken him years to make them, let alone setting up the software to run them onto his goggles. Today would be monumentous.
Today would be the final test.
"C'mon, baby. Work. For me?" He muttered to his creation.
He took a few steps back, and launched himself into the air. Despite their clunky look, they felt weightless; opening up gracefully, like a sparrow's.
Scav felt like a proper bird, flying effortlessly through the sky.
"Well… Since I'm up here, may as well take joy ride over the city" he said, with an excited grin spreading across his face.
:iconscavyx:ScavyX 2 0
WOLFIE HOODIE sketch by ScavyX WOLFIE HOODIE sketch :iconscavyx:ScavyX 2 0 Sleepy Wolf by ScavyX Sleepy Wolf :iconscavyx:ScavyX 3 8 BIRTHDAY CARD 8D by ScavyX BIRTHDAY CARD 8D :iconscavyx:ScavyX 4 0 Spooky Eye by ScavyX Spooky Eye :iconscavyx:ScavyX 4 0 Axel - AWESOME VERSION by ScavyX Axel - AWESOME VERSION :iconscavyx:ScavyX 1 3 Romantic School-Wide Massacre by ScavyX Romantic School-Wide Massacre :iconscavyx:ScavyX 2 0


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Fuck you in your disease riddled mouth. I hate you as a company, I hate your technology, and FUCK YOU YOU STUPID FUCKERS FOR MAKING A PHONE THAT DECIDES TO TURN ITSELF OFF, AND LEAVING ME WITH A PAPER WEIGHT, SEEING AS THE ONE STUPID FUCKING BUTTON THAT TURNS OFF THE DAMN THING DIED MONTHS AGO, AND NOW DOESN'T TURN ON! AT ALL! I fucking hate you, Apple. Please die by burned at the stake, after you've been carefully vivisected by rusty spoons, and had your eyes pecked out by wasps.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a hyperactive child, and I'm still in highschool... but only for another year... then CEGEP... aside from art stuff I draw, and the random stuff I write... I like watching movies and I love anime and manga. If you see any cool ones let me know, and I'll definitely check em out if I haven't seen them already. The only qualification I must offer is: It must not suck! If you also happen to find a good live-action show you'd think I like: The same applies. Aside from that, I LOVE music... the only things I'm not willing to check out are: Country, Rap (unless it's downright amazing) and popcrap, and I'm not exactly a fan of hip-hop. When it comes to video games, I will always enjoy the ones with really good stories. Currently addicted to; LoZ: Ocarina of Time, LoZ: Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64 and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Only reason I haven't played them yet is because I don't own an N64 so I'm using an emulator.

Current Residence: Montreal
Favourite genre of music: Alt rock/ Various styles of metal
Favourite style of art: anime/cartoon(y)
Favourite cartoon character: GIR

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